Journalism & Books

Journalism. After around 20 years in the business I have a lot of cuttings to choose from. Here are some links to, or PDFs of, a selection of my published work.

Find my work for The Daily and Sunday Telegraph here and my work for The Guardian here.

Here’s a couple of interview/profile pieces I wrote on leading lights from the beer industry – both published in CAMRA’s BEER magazine. One is about one of my favourite brewers, Eddie Gadd  and the other is about the UK’s leading hop expert Dr Peter Darby

For a while I wrote a monthly beer column in Great British Food magazine. Here’s a couple of highlights, one about Beer and Cheese and the other on British lager.

Until the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown put the kybosh on pubs I used to write a monthly opinion column in pub trade mag The Morning Advertiser. Here’s a few examples: This one was about the art of conversation and the changing way we use pubs. This one was about how pubs that ‘go green’ can attract more customers. This one’s on the benefits of a quiet pub and, conversely, this one is about the joy of pub gigs.

If you want to commission me to write for you, please email me at:


My first book, 30-Second Beer, was published by Ivy Press in March 2019. It’s a beer primer which I edited and co-wrote as part of the ’30-Second’ series of books.

I’ve exhausted my supply of copies – but if you were keen I might be able to get more (and buying from me supports my work because, sadly, I get no royalties from this title). Otherwise it is still available from Blackwells and Waterstones – and probably in many fine, independent bookshops too (let me know and I’ll happily add a link).