Hello and thanks for visiting my website. Here’s a bit about me and what you’ll find here… I always wanted to be a writer. At school I got into trouble for making things up and frightening the other pupils with my tall tales. Perhaps it was this negative response that encouraged me to pursue a career telling true stories – in the shape of reporting, journalism and feature writing. (That said, I am also now returning to ‘making things up’ by writing short stories and plodding far too slowly through the first draft of a novel.)

Like most journalists and writers, a good story is what motivates me to write, but nature is also a major inspiration. You’ll find a lot of nature writing here and it’s also the theme of my weekly What are you looking at? newsletter (to which you can subscribe for free here.)

I like to try and write about whatever moves me to do so, but to give readers of this site some guidance on what to expect there’s a list of sections to the right (or towards the bottom of the page if you’re reading this on a smartphone). Hopefully this provides some sort of idea of what’s on here. Please note, Birds & wildlife is my main nature writing section, so titled to make the section appear higher up the alphabetical list.

Whatever your reason for visiting, thanks again and I hope you enjoy reading.

Latest posts

On growing food

When I was a kid, my Dad grew some food in our garden. The only trouble was he didn’t grow things I wanted to eat. That said, I’m sure there were potatoes and I would happily have eaten them. Perhaps I also ate onions he grew, which would have gone into home made stews. We […]

Book review: Much Ado About Mothing

A punning title for a book about moths; being a fan of both puns and moths I was sold. Yet Much Ado About Mothing by James Lowen is as much about compulsion and/or obsession as it is about winged insects. As such it will likely also appeal to those with hobbies which drive them to […]

A moody, foggy scene

Although I did a podcast series (about beer) a few years ago, it’s taken me this long to begin experimenting with audio here. Partly, it was about the challenges of doing so and the limitations of what media could be uploaded. However, the wait is over and I give you… a mini – or maybe […]