I have a sort of ‘tips jar’ in the form of a Ko-fi account where you can donate the equivalent of buying me a coffee – should you feel moved to support my writing this way. Or you can even donate via paypal.

Part of me feels weird and uncomfortable asking for ‘donations’. The other part of me understands that many writers these days are supported by their readers effectively ‘subscribing’ to their work (like a magazine subscription – except to one writer). I suspect this form of income will become increasingly important (and normal) for writers, especially if freelance work is harder to come by – which is already the case since the coronavirus crisis.

If you like what you read here and enjoy my writing you can also support me by spreading the word. Sharing my articles via social media or even printing them out for people to read (printing double-sided helps save paper), will help me reach new readers. I’m trying to do this myself by building my audience on my Facebook page – so following/liking me there would also be a help – and if you comment on my posts it apparently means they are more likely to get seen by others.

Thanks for any and all support you’re able to give – and most importantly thanks for reading.

A reminder that you can support my work here or here – many thanks in advance!