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As you know if you’re a regular reader, I love nature and wildlife – and writing about it too. So, in addition to my writing here I’ve launched a free weekly email newsletter featuring my nature writing.

It’s called ‘What are you looking at?’. In it each week I’ll tell you about something I’ve been looking at, about something that’s inspired me and about some other nature writing, news or campaigns that I think deserve your attention.


Of course, I mostly just want as many people as possible to read it – but these days for a freelance writer such as myself having a good sized newsletter circulation list can also help persuade editors to commission the articles and books through which I earn my living. So a huge advance thanks for anything you can do to help.

How can you help? Subscribe here and spread the word so others subscribe too. You can do this on social media – or just email/whatsapp/message people who you think might be interested and paste the link to where they can subscribe.

If you like reading about things like oystercatchers being annoyed that an incoming tide has spoiled their nap, bumble bee rescue operations and how curlews seem to be wearing 1960s style white eyeliner – along with less quirky observations of nature – then you should subscribe to What are you looking at? 

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